Native mobile app


What it is

We built a circular economy, packaging re-use app with 3 separate user types.

How it works

We completed this build in 4 stages over the course of 3 weeks of development time, after aligning on the core user stories and designs.

User Flows

User type: End-user

  • Sign up / login via mobile phone number
  • Decide how to receive a packaging re-use carrier
  • Scan a QR code on a packaging re-use carrier
  • Decide where to return a packaging re-use carrier, once filled up
  • Earn points for every container returned in a packaging re-use carrier
  • Earn brand rewards for brand-specific containers returned
  • Redeem points for cash, delivered directly via user’s Venmo account
  • Redeem points for donations to select community organizations

User type: Admin

  • Scan a QR code on returned packaging re-use carriers
  • Issue points for each container returned in packaging re-use carriers
  • Issue points for qualifying brand-specific containers in packaging re-use carriers
  • Mail packaging re-use carriers to users who request via mail
  • View comprehensive dashboard that includes data on all users, carriers, points, etc.

User type: Store Partner

  • Distribute packaging re-use carriers from their store
  • Scan a QR code on each packaging re-use carrier returned to their store

Don’t just take our word for it

“By working with DreamLabs team, we significantly reduced our development timeline and budget while delivering simple, high quality user experience that OOM strives to achieve.”

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