Native Mobile App


What it is

We built a multi-language educational experience mobile app that brings learners through the licensing process to create in-home childcare businesses, and let’s them create a business plan to launch in-home child care businesses.

How it works

We completed this build of 36 features in 4 weeks of development, after completing the user stories and wireframes.

User Stories

User type: End-user

  • Create + login to user account
  • Toggle between English and Spanish
  • View educational content filtered by user’s assigned learning track
  • View individual lessons of the following types:
  • Multi-listing directories
  • Library of external links
  • Single image
  • Multiple videos in sequence
  • Embed of form
  • Directory of relevant resource listings
  • Save individual lessons to favorites
  • Provide feedback on any lesson
  • Earn achievements based on content completion
  • Unable to progress past certain milestones until admin review + approval
  • Upload content to save in a single library
  • View details and Zoom link for weekly meetings
  • Receive push notifications

User type: Admin

  • Review details of all users and contact them directly
  • Review progress of each user and verify that certain steps are correct or incorrect
  • Assign progress completion achievements to users
  • Trigger regular push notifications to users en masse, or in certain groups

Don’t just take our word for it

“Other app developer quoted 10X the price to create a live testable version. DreamLabs pricing structure has meant we can quickly get the app in users hands and see what they think!  DreamLabs took my vision for functionality, look and feel and brought it to life.”