Native mobile app

Community Gearbox

What it is

We built a 2-sided marketplace for used gear to share via a social connection filter.

How it works

We completed this build in 4 stages over the course of 6 weeks end-to-end.

Phase 1 : Strategy

  • Function → Create a detailed, prioritized product roadmap with clear User Flows, Sitemap, Unit Tests and spec’d Features.
  • Solution → Notion

Phase 2 : Wireframing and Architecture

  • Function → Consulted on the client’s front-end designs to ensure a clean user interface that incorporated all spec’d features.  Designed the database architecture in Firebase.
  • Solution → Figma, Firebase, Notion

Phase 3 : Beta

  • Function → Built all screens, enabled all Features and effectively integrated the front and back-end designs.
  • Solution → FlutterFlow, Firebase

Phase 4 : Launch

  • Function → Polished the UI and fixed bugs identified in QA.
  • Solution → FlutterFlow

Key Features

User type: Regular Member

  • Create + personalize a profile
  • Search + join groups
  • Find + add friends
  • DM other members
  • Post comments to groups
  • Explore, search & filter items
  • Add items for sharing
  • Request another item
  • Lend out an item
  • Create collections of items

User type: Community Manager

  • Create a group
  • Invite users to a group
  • Manage group members
  • Add items to a group
  • Add collections to a group
  • Set item visibility
  • Set group visibility

Don’t just take our word for it

“Working with John and Tomas was a delight! The two of them were organized and thorough with their process. They helped me create clarity and a scope of work from what was just an initial idea. And I learned a bunch along the way.”