Web app directory


What it is

We built a functional directory web-app with multiple user types + logins.  We then cleaned a 5,000+ record data scrape to set up a back-end infrastructure to handle scale from day one.

How it works

We completed this build in 4 stages over the course of six weeks end-to-end.

Phase 1 : Strategy

  • Function → Create a detailed, prioritized product roadmap with clear User Flows, Sitemap, Unit Tests and spec’d Features.
  • Solution → Notion

Phase 2 : Wireframing and Architecture

  • Function → Built the front-end screens as well as designed the back-end architecture along with all of the automations and scripts required to clean the data import.
  • Solution → Softr, Airtable, Make

Phase 3 : Beta

  • Function → Connected the back-end to the power the web-app functionality.
  • Solution → Softr, Airtable, Make

Phase 4 : Launch

  • Function → Polished the UI and fixed bugs identified in QA.
  • Solution → Softr, Airtable, Make

Key Features

  • User account creation + login
  • Separate Supply vs Demand-side profiles
  • Subscription payments for enhanced-tier Supply profiles
  • Database architecture designed to clean + combine data from separate sources
  • Edit-able directory listings with dynamic content depending on Supply member tier
  • Directory filters and search based on both public + private listing data
  • New project form + automations to intake Demand requests